Monday, June 25, 2012

Franki the Blue-Eyed Black Lab/Dalmatian Mix?

Franki enjoys cooling
off in her pool on hot
summer days.
Hmmmmmm.  Living with a totally black dog with bright blue eyes got me curious about blue-eyed dogs in general.  It's a lot more common to see blue eyes with white, spotted, or merle coats, so it's a bit of a surprise for most people to see a jet black dog with blue eyes.  Franki is obviously a mixed-breed dog and looks "labby" around the head for sure.  She weighs 50 pounds and is much leaner than Labradors in general.  

Franki's size and body shape is long and lean, much like a Dalmatian's.

Ripley and Franki relaxing
after a hike in the woods.

And her frosty blue eyes are endlessly captivating, looking more blue or closer to white, depending on the light.

I also learned that it's relatively common for Dalmatians to have blue eyes, like this puppy pictured below.

So I am left to wonder ... is Franki a Black Labrador / Dalmatian Mix?

Regardless, she is a great dog with a sweet personality, and has brought so much joy and energy to our home. 

Franki reminds me a bit of the 101 Dalmatians pups covered in soot. ... only hers doesn't wash off.  :-) - How well do you know your pet?

"It is scarcely possible to doubt that the love of man has become instinctive in the dog."  ~Charles Darwin

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  1. I have a one year old dog that looks almost exactly like your Franki but mine has tan coloring on her legs. She also has the same body type as Franki and I was so curious about what she was that I got a DNA test. The results were interesting - Bloodhound, Siberian Husky, Mastiff and Golden Retriever mix. Whatever she is I think she and Franki are so stunning

    1. Wow, that's an interesting combination for sure! I'm endlessly curious about Franki's origins and I never get tired of looking at her. She's got such a sweet and funny personality, too. I'm so glad someone else decided she was just "trash" so she could come into my life and enrich it. ... and I love hearing from other people who have blue-eyed dogs. :-)

  2. I have a german sheperd/siberian husky mix. She has these dazzling crystal blue eyes that actually appear to tirn white when hit by sunlight. She also was a rescue. Your dog is so beautiful. I also have a black lab, he is such a loving momma's boy.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Dogs with blue eyes are endlessly fascinating ... Franki's also appear white or almost white in the bright sun. .... so glad to hear from another lover of rescues. Smoochies to both your sweet poochies. :-)

  3. I have a 2 year old that looks EXACTLY like her. Do you know what Frankie is?

    1. No, I've never had her DNA checked, so am just guessing that she might be black lab mixed with Dalmatian. But from what I've heard from other people with dogs that look like her, she could be a mixture of several different breeds. So .... who knows? :-)

    2. Hi, me again. When we got her from the pound, they had said she was an Aussie/Black lab. After getting to know her, we think she is a Border Collie/Black Lab.


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